Frequently Asked Questions

At Violin and Viola Lessons with Laura we learn how to use a metronome to improve our rhythm.

What is learned in lessons?

I teach one-to-one violin and viola classes. You will learn the technical skills and techniques to play the violin and/or viola well. You will also learn to play musically and to make your own valid musical choices and interpretations. Basic improvisation and understanding of basic music theory is also covered in the lessons.

What methods and materials are used?

I use Suzuki Method and Mark O'Connor American Violin Method. I do not limit the materials used to these two methods. Students will also learn pieces not included in either of those methods. We use various materials to learn to read music notation and to improve our sight-reading abilities. Other scale, etude and method books are used as appropriate for each student.


Text from Finn and Charlie's Mom  Sept 2018 "Ok, you are always so flexible. Thank you."

From Patrice who saw me teaching while she was working on the floors in my home: "If my kids were still at home, I would so have you teach them. You were so patient and good with that 4 year-old."

Note from Piper and Claire's mom when they moved to another state June 2018: "Thank you so much for being such a wonderful violin teacher to Piper and Claire. All three of us have learned so much from you, and we've really enjoyed it. Thank you for being such a kind and patient teacher and for expecting the best out of these little girls. We will miss seeing you every week, and we will count ourselves lucky if our future teachers are as talented and caring as you are."

Who is Laura McDermott?

I am a professional violin and viola teacher. I graduated from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music in 1989 with a degree in viola. I have taught violin and viola lessons in the Greater Denver Metro Area for over 20 years. I received my certificate in Suzuki Pedagogy from the University of Denver. I have completed the training for Books 1-4 in the American Violin Method. My students regularly audition into local youth orchestras, Western States Orchestra, All-State Orchestra. Students have also received college scholarships in music. 

How do I get started with violin or viola lessons?

Contact me at 720 425 0881 or We set a regular time to meet for our lesson. I accept students year-round. 


Where are you located?

I have two locations. Monday and Saturday at Prince of Peace/New City Church, 2400 S Colorado Blvd. The other days at my home near Hampden and Chambers.

How long are lessons?

Younger beginners have 30 minute lessons. As students progress 45 minute and hour lessons are encouraged.

What ages do you teach? Do you teach adults?

I teach ages 3 and up including adults. With younger children I require a parent to attend all lessons, take notes/video, and supervise the home practice. 

What about recitals and performances?

We have at least 5 recitals every year. This allows students to become comfortable with performing and to show what they have been learning. 

How much do violin lessons cost?

30 minute lessons are $120/month. 45 minute lessons are $180/month. Hour lessons are $240/month. I base my fees on a quarter's worth of lessons (11 lessons every 3 months.) You can pay by the quarter or the month but this way your payment stays the same each month.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, Googlepay, Popmoney. Some people set me up as a vendor in their bank's bill pay and send an automatic payment each month.