EOP Competition

2019 (was not held in 2018 as the competition is now in March and previously had been in October. Unfortunately, because of a storm earlier in the week, one student had to pull out of the competition. 

6 students participated. Christiane was first place in her division. Charlie received a second place. Nathaniel and Evelyn received third place. All the participating students did a wonderful job preparing. The junior violin division was particularly competitive this year.

2017 - 8 students chose to be in the EOP competition - a small local but growing competition. Divisions are decided by age and instrument. All 8 placed in their divisions!  2 First places - Charlie and Aidan; 3 Second places - Christiane, Nathaniel, Ema; 3 Third Places - Evelyn, Amelia, Finn.

More importantly the students did great preparation and really enjoyed themselves at the event and the event activities. Feedback from students and parents about the event was very positive. Seems like everyone wants to do it again next year!

2016 - This is the first year for us participating in this competition. Two  students chose to participate. Both students did great preparation and  placed in their respective groups.! Nathaniel was third in the junior  violin division and Evelyn was first in the junior viola division!

Scottish Fiddle Competition

2016 This  is a wonderful fun event where students are given a compilation  (set)  or two of Scottish Fiddle music to prepare and then perform in  front of  judges. Only one student chose to participate this year but  Finn placed  first in his division!

2017 Wow! This is always a fun event. Three students chose to prepare and enter. All three placed! Charlie placed 2nd in the 3rd - 5th grade division. Amelia placed 3rd in the 6th - 8th grade divison and Finn placed 1st in the 6th-8th grade division.

2018 Congratulations to the 6 students of mine who participated this year. I love that the number of my students doing this event keeps growing. Charlie placed 3rd in his division. Finn, for the third year in a row, placed 1st in his division.

All State Orchestra, Western States

Aidan was 4th chair viola at All-State Orchestra 2017. Claire made it into Western States Orchestra 2016.

Aidan made it into All-State Orchestra in 2018.

Aidan is a 2019 member of All-State Orchestra.

Rising Stars

2019 is the first year we have done this event. 3 students decided to participate. Aidan received 1st place in the Upper Senior Instrumental category. Finn received 2nd place in the Junior Instrumental division. Nathaniel received 3rd place in the Junior Instrumental division. Congratulations!

Honor Orchestra Results

2018 - Ema and Emily were accepted by audition into Cherry Creek High School's Honor Orchestra. Sylvia auditioned into Cherry Creek Middle School's Honor Orchestra.

2018 - Amelia was accepted by audition into the chamber orchestra of Denver Citywide Orchestra

More wonderful things from past years

Natasia went to Interlochen School of the Arts for her senior year of high school and stayed for an extra year. She received a full music scholarship to a couple of different schools decidint to attend and graduate from University of Memphis. Her junior year she was second at Western States Orchestra. I am sure there are other accolades but that is what comes to mind.

Austin soloed with his high school orchestra (Cherry Creek) playing the first movement of the Stamitz Concerto for viola. The audience was wowed at his performance and that he had it all memorized. He received a $5000 scholarship to his college where he was not majoring in music. He was first chair viola starting in his senior year. He made several trips to All State Orchestra, Western States Orchestra, District Honor Orchestra. 

Ian made many trips to JeffCo Honor Orchestras and one to All State Orchestra. He soloed several times at his high school. He played with his college orchestra moving up 7 chairs between 1st and 2nd semester.

Crystal won her school's concerto competition. Her parents were astonished hearing her perform wondering when did she get so good and people in the audience had tears in their eyes. She also was in All-State and Western States Orchestra.

Ellen was in her all county orchestra several times and received a $5000 a year music scholarship to college where she was not a music major.

Julianne was concert master (violin) of Front Range Youth Symphony Intermediate her senior year and Principal Viola of the advanced group her junior and senior year.